I do not recommend my tire tool for use on car tires!

If you are sick and tired of using tire irons then please read on!

History behind the No-scufftiretool

I started out using tire irons for changing my motorcycle tires for one, because I like doing things myself and two, because I hate paying someone to do something I know I can do my self for free. However, it didn't take me long to figure out that TIRE IRONS, fingers and other miscellaneous body parts were not compatible when used together. Not to mention scratched and or damaged rims from slips ups, oops and oh &%#@'s. After a very frustrating day changing a rear tire on a Valkyrie I started searching the web for mount/demount tire tools and found a few of them that got my attention. I was all set to purchase one of the prefab bars and then my inner cheapskate got the best of me. I knew I could fab something as good or better and I figured I could make a few extra bars for some local riders that showed interest which would cover the cost of materials and I'd end up getting a free one. Free is good you know. After making the first batch and having a bunch of happy customers, I kept getting requests from other riders wanting me to build a tire tool for them. After four batches of seven I decided I'd start fabricating the bars on a regular basis, hence this web site.

Handy and (cheap!) aid for easier tire removal

Here is a link to a picture of a tire removal aid that I highly recommend to anyone wanting to change a motorcycle tire with my tire tool or for that matter any of the other manual tire removal tools on the market. It will save you a few minutes of frustration especially with stiff wall tires. I do my best to avoid frustration of any kind if I can help it. Using this tool will also help prevent damaging your demount tip! If you don't have the tire bead up
high enough when you flip the No-scuff over 90 degrees it's either going to damage or weaken the demount tip.

Fabrication of the No-scufftiretool

Before I built my first batch I examined the various bars available and made one that I thought incorporated the best attributes of each of them. I didn't like the solid square bar on a couple of the prefab bars, but I liked the mount end. A buddy of mine had one of the other pre-fab bars and he was very open about what he didn't like about it. He also happened to be my first customer and helped test the proto-type. His only complaint was when mounting stiff wall tires the XX bar had a tendency to pop out on the last 20% of the mount procedure and he ended up having to use spoons to finish the job. My legacy delrin tips that I made were initially reinforced with a 1/4" case hardened bolt which soon changed to a 5/16" case hardened bolt. There really is no advantage to using a solid piece of steel, and 3/4" solid stock costs more, both to purchase and to ship. My bar weighs under 5lbs and the 3/4" solid stock ones are around 10lbs. I ended up using one of the most common pipes available which is 3/4" schedule 40 water pipe with an ID of ~.830 and is readily available at most places that carry cold/hot rolled steel. A substitute is the black water pipe at Lowes that most hardware stores carry.

I do all of the fabrication my self with the exception of the No-Mar demount tips. The patented No-Mar demount ends are made from UHMW, which is a self lubricating plastic. The current No-Mar demount tips have been through 8 generations of design changes with each change making the tip stronger. For the mount end I use nylon 6/6 which is also self lubricating and quite a bit tougher than UHMW. The L shaped piece of nylon is held in place by two flat head machine screws that are counter sunk. Having two screws prevents the nylon from rotating when pressure is applied during the mounting process.

The tire tool comes unpainted. If I painted them it would add ~$10 to $15 to the cost of the bar. Just paint it with what ever kind of spray paint you have in your shop. The tire tool is going to get banged up anyway when you use it.

Availability and ordering information

Currently I can only build a maximum of ~32 of these tools a month. I already have a full time job, and this is only a hobby for me and a way to cover some of my hobby expenses. During the spring and summer you might have to wait a week while I'm working on another batch. I'd like to think that I've combined the best attributes of the available bars on the market into one bar. However, this is something each person will have to decide on their own. The price for the tool is $90 shipped to anywhere in the USA and I ship priority mail with confirmation delivery. Priority mail is still cheaper than UPS or Fedex. For questions or purchase information please contact me at noscufftiretool (at) yahoo (dot) com.

 If you don't get a reply within 24 hours check your spam folder because I do my best to reply before a 24 period!

Right now I'm only taking Paypal and postal money orders, I will take a personal check (although I prefer not to) as long as the customer is willing to wait for the check to clear before I ship the tire tool.

For international customers I also will sell my tire tool in kit form (no bar just both ends) for $98 including shipping. The cost for shipping the small flat rate priority mail boxes for the kits are now $34.95 and to ship a finished tire tool it's $64.70 which is pretty outrageous. Shipping prices went up $10 in 2016! Please note that the customer can also be hit with a customs fee of ~$25 which I personally think is outrageous for a $65 dollar item. It is the customers responsibility to cover the customs fees and any other misc fees your post office might charge. I will not sell my tire tool in kit form in the US. For questions or purchase information please contact me at noscufftiretool (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Prefab bar mount end upgrade

I do sell my mount end separately for people that aren't particularly happy with the mount end on their prefab bar. The standard 3/4" schedule 40 pipe I use has the same inner diameter ~ ".830" as one of the other prefab bars. The cost of the upgrade mount end is $40  shipped to anywhere in the USA..  For questions or purchase information please contact me at noscufftiretool (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Warranty & repair information

Under normal use the demount tips will last a lifetime. If you happen to break the demount tip you can now call No-Mar directly and purchase a pack of 3 demount tips for $24 not including shipping. Please check out the No-Mar demount tip conversion document for instructions on how to upgrade to the new tips. It's really very simple and I would recommend doing it.

The nylon on the mount end is 1/4" thick so it shouldn't wear out under normal use, if you do break it I can send a replacement for just the material and shipping cost $4. If you bend or break the bar then you are on your own and probably don't need to be changing your own tires.
Please read the Tiretool instructions document and be sure to watch my videos. Both will save you a lot of frustration and keep you from damaging the Tire tool ends. Anything can be broken if used improperly! Remember the bar is over 36" long and you can put quite a bit of leverage on the bead of a tire and on both bar ends. For most tires using the proper technique mounting a motorcycle tire SHOULD be relatively easy with this tool and if it isn't you need to stop and think about it before you break something or start throwing stuff.

About the Videos on youtube!

On the original No-scufftiretool video we didn't use any lubricant when de-mounting the tire which I don't recommend BTW! It was a new tire though. The owner whose tire we changed didn't have any lubricate available and had not been using it for demounting after his rims got all scratched up. The other videos I shot with the help of my wife. I needed a rear tire changed and figured it would be a good time to make the videos. Don't expect perfection because I said a couple of things that even left me scratching my head, camera shy I guess. My wife was shooting the videos and did a great job but I think her good looks must have distracted me. Anyway I fixed most of the mistakes by inserting text into the videos.

Rims the tool will NOT work on

So far the only rims I know of that the tool will not work on are Excel and this has been the case on a few of the Excel rims front and rear. I would not use my tool on Excel rims. The problem with Excel rims is the lack of an adequate center relief area (non-existent), which causes the demount tip to BIND up or break. If you try to demount the tire with the tip BOUND up then the tip is going to do what it's designed to do i.e. BREAK. The No-Mar tips are designed to give when the force applied to the tip exceeds the design specification. A tip that won't give will either bend your rim or damage the bead on the tire. The mount end still works OK on the Excel rims but it is real tight. If you are having a difficult time changing a tire using tire irons because of the lack of center relief area inside the rim then more then likely you'll have the same trouble using a similar mount demount tool like mine. It's all about the relief area!

Any tires that have the stamped metal rims can present a real problem for my tire tool as well as my competitors because the ends will be damaged on the first tire. Many car tires, four wheeler tires, trailer tires etc... have sharp edges that will shred both ends of the tire tool. 

Helpful Link

IMO One of the best DIY motorcycle tire changing websites with lots of good information. http://www.clarity.net/adam/tire-changing.html

If you do a search for no-scufftiretool you'll find a lot of threads where DIY guys & gals are using my tire tool.

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