I do not recommend my tire tool for use on car tires!

If you are sick and tired of using tire irons then please read on!

Payment and ordering information
The price for the tool is $91 shipped to anywhere in the USA except Pacific time zone areas which will be $95 shipped. I ship priority mail with confirmation delivery. For questions or purchase information please contact me at noscufftiretool (at) yahoo (dot) com and provide your zip code in the email.

 If you don't get a reply within 24 hours check your spam folder because I do my best to reply before a 24 period!

As of 3/26/17 I started taking major credit cards for payment as well as Paypal.

I don't ship international anymore due to the shipping charges. The shipping charges are well over half the cost of the product. USPS international rates have doubled over the past 4 years and they are still the cheapest method of shipment.

Prefab bar mount end replacement
I do sell my mount end separately for people that aren't particularly happy with the mount end on their prefab bar. The standard 3/4" schedule 40 pipe I use has the same inner diameter ~ ".830" as one of the other prefab bars. The cost of the replacement mount end is $42.50  shipped to anywhere in the USA..  For questions or purchase information please contact me at noscufftiretool (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Warranty & repair & return policy
Under proper normal use the demount tips can last 100 tire changes or more. If you happen to break the demount tip or want extra demount tips call No-Mar, Dennis Kirk, 2wheel.com, bluestreakracing, Amazon, part-unlimited etc... I do not sell replacement demount tips! The 6/6 nylon mount end can be replaced for $10. If you bend or break the bar then you are on your own and probably don't need to be changing your own tires.
Returns are accepted under the following conditions. If the tire tool hasn't been used, a full refund minus my shipping charges will be issued but the customer pays the return shipping fees. If the tire tool has been used, then the refund the customer receives will be minus the shipping charges and my cost of both replacement ends which is $18. The customer also pays the return shipping fees.

Rims the tool will NOT work on
I don't have a complete list of tire & rim combinations that my tire tool will not work on but so far various Excel rims can be a real problem and at least one BMW rim type has known issues. I cannot guarantee my tire tool will work on every tire & rim combination and I have no way of testing them. The best advice I can give is check your rims for a center relief area, if the rim is relatively flat all the way across on the inside then you are probably going to have problems. Also check motorcycle forums for your specific bike rims and the success rate of others changing them manually. If you are having a difficult time changing a tire using tire irons because of the lack of center relief area inside the rim then more than likely you'll have the same trouble using a similar mount demount tire tool like mine. It's all about the center relief area!

Car tires that have the standard stamped metal rims will present a real problem for my tire tool as well as my competitors because the ends will be damaged on the first tire change. Many car tires, four wheeler tires, trailer tires etc... have sharp edges that will shred both ends of the tire tool. Also, there are just way to many car rim types and tire types for me to recommend my tire tool for cars.

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