I started out using tire irons for changing my motorcycle tires for one, because I like doing things myself and two because I hate paying someone to do something I know I can do myself.  However, it didn't take me long to figure out that TIRE IRONS, fingers and other miscellaneous body parts were not compatible when used together. Not to mention scratched and or damaged rims from slip ups, oops and oh &%#@'s. After a very frustrating day changing a rear tire on a Valkyrie I started searching the web for mount/demount tire tools and found a few of them that got my attention. I was all set to purchase one of the prefab bars and then my inner cheapskate got the best of me. I knew I could fab something as good or better and I figured I could make a few extra bars for some local riders that showed interest and would cover the cost of my own. Covering your expenses is a good thing. After making the first batch and having a bunch of happy customers, I kept getting requests from other riders wanting me to build a tire tool for them. After four batches of seven I decided I'd start fabricating the bars on a regular basis, hence this web site.


Before I built my first batch I examined the various bars available and made one that I thought incorporated the best attributes of each of them. I didn't like the solid square bar on a couple of the prefab bars, but I liked the mount end. BTW the mount end design minus the nylon protector has been around since the early 1900 and model T.  My original legacy delrin tips that I turned on my own lathe were initially reinforced with a 5/16" case hardened core. I now use No-Mar demount tips that I purchase directly from them. I use standard 3/4" schedule 40 water pipe with an ID of ~.830 and is readily available at most places that carry cold/hot rolled steel. The tubing is strong and it's light weight so the tire tool weighs less than 5lbs.

I do all of the fabrication myself with the exception of the No-Mar demount tips and they are made from UHMW, which is a self lubricating plastic. Try getting a single piece demount tip made from a local machine shop like No-Mar manufactures & sells and you will quickly appreciate the cost of replacement demount tips from No-Mar. For the mount end I use nylon 6/6 which is also self lubricating and quite a bit tougher than UHMW. The L shaped piece of nylon is held in place by two flat head machine screws that are counter sunk. Having two screws prevents the nylon from rotating when pressure is applied during the mounting process. A single screw will eventually fail.

The  tire tool comes unpainted. If I painted them it would add ~$10 to $15 to the cost of the bar. Just paint it with what ever kind of spray paint you have in your shop. The tire tool is going to get banged up when you use it so why spend the money.