Motor Cycle Consumer News (MCN) Tire tool Review 2014

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 Aprila form, 

After arguing with the poorly designed  XX  bar for years, I bought one of Dave's tire bars and sold my XX bar after using Dave's bar the  first time! The demount end is similar to the XX bar and most other bars out there, but the mount end makes all  the difference in the world! 2 thumbs up to Dave!"


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Aprila forum

 I'm itching to use the Dave Bar and am out scouting wheels/tires to change. But for now I will say the quality and rugged construction are better than anything I've seen or used.

Aprila forum

Done two tires so far No scratches and it works great. So far all I have done is tires for friends. I'll burn one up here in a few weeks. Did 300 + miles today.

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Aprila forum

Hey I got my Dave Bar this afternoon and it looks like a force to be reckoned with. As luck would have it, I also picked up a Harbor freight set up this morning so I'm ready to peel some rubber. I used mine... Works great. Thanks!


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FZ1 forum

 I just recently got the chance to use this tool for the first time....and it rocks!! First time, and I was able to rip the rear tire off and back on just like the vids.

Thanks again Dave!!

FZ1 forum

Received it today Dave.
I received the tire mount and dismount tool today. It looks to be well thought out and well made. Fair price, fast delivery, and good quality make it all that much better.

Thanks Dave.
FZ1 forum

Me to. Looks like a well made tool. It might be a lil bit before I get the chance to use  it, but if it performs as well as it looks everything should be good. This tool completed my tire changing set up. Thanks Dave!!!!
Maximum Suzuki  forum 

Well I FINALLY got my tire changing stand finished at work and brought it home. Changed my first tire with it today, front tire on the Banduc, custom gold powder coated rims. The bar worked like a charm!!! Not a scratch! My stand need a little tweaking, but Rons buddies tire bar is the real deal! Sooooo much easier than spoons!!!Highly recommended.  For a cheap small tire changing stand, check out the Mojo stand, then get  this bar to go with it.

Thanks for the referral Ron!
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Hello Dave!

I just wanted to say thanks for my recent tiretool  purchase. I ride a honda CR250 and race on occasion which as you're probably aware, the clay here in the carolinas wears the tires pretty fast. I've beat up my hands for years using the traditional tire spoons and this new tool is a lifesaver. It now takes me a quarter of the time and a lot less muscle, not to mention I no longer carve my rims up! Im absolutely thrilled with my purchase!

Thanks and keep up with the great ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!

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FZ1 forum

Update: I used the tire tool to install tires on my KLR.  The front tire is relatively easy to do since it's so skinny. The rear tire is fatter and more like a sportbike tire.Background: I have a hell of a time changing tires. I  have a tire changer (the harbor freight one) which helps holding it down but I always need extra hands  and extra muscle.

 I used the new tire tool and I did it by myself!!! No extra hands needed!! Sweet!!!!! The hardest part for me was to get the demount end caught under the tire  bead and getting the mount end engaged with the tire. Other than that, it was a piece of cake! I  couldn't believe how easy it was. Oh, the block of wood to hold the bead in the center of the wheel was a  great idea. That helped too.

Thanks Dave!! I like my new tire tool!!
Aprilia forum

+1 for the Dave Bar
Finally used it last night. I'm going to sell my MoJo lever. Mount end works the same, dismount end is a great improvement and being 1/3 the weight seals the deal. I just wish it was painted or powder coated so it doesn't rust in the garage. All Hail         Dave......

Maxim Suzuki forum

Just an update... this bar is the way to go. I've  used it on several types of tires including some stiff wall touring tires -the "no-scuff" bar makes all the difference and requires a lot less effort. Getting ready to sell the XX bar.... Thanks for the heads up, Ron.

 Hey Dave my name is R.J. DAVIS and I am the owner/operator of a small motorcycle repair shop on the east coast of central Florida "TOMAHAWK   CYCLES". I purchased one of your bars and extra ends for both sides about a year ago and I would like to say THANK YOU for making such a great product. I have since expanded my business into a larger location and am still using your bar. After around 100 changes they still have the original ends and are going strong. I honestly think that your product is the best of its kind on the market and I've used most, so thanks again and best of luck to you.
I went to a tire shop this morning and bought an old 13" rim.  Then I constructed my tire removal tool, used my bead breaker that is similar to yours, and removed my old tire and mounted my new one with very little effort with your tool.  The tool worked  great!  I'd still be outside cursing had I tried using tire  tools to do the job.  Your tutorials on You Tu came in handy too.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge!




Hi dave,

Just a quick feedback, the kit worked great on a 120/70  17 tyre for my Guzzi, SO EASY that my 6 year old son de-mounted it.....Very pleased, thanks for all your excellent advice, service, and of course a
great product.



 I have a low cost "Harbor Freight"  quality motorcycle tire changing stand. I have used if primarily as a bead breaker and wheel holding stand for the last year, preferring to "take it to the floor" so I could   use my knees while wrestling tires off and on. What  a chore! With the no-scuff tire tool, I hardly break a sweat. Great tool. Thanks, Dave.


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      Hi Dave,

 Finally got my bar built here in the UK and  I just thought I'd give you a little feedback.   WHAT A SUPERB PRODUCT!  Why, oh why  didn't I buy this thirty years ago!?  Really Dave, I cannot express how pleased I am with how it easy!  First time use last Saturday (just using a bit of common sense) took less  than 8 mins to demount AND mount a new tyre...unbelievable!  It was so easy it left me with over  40 mins of spare time which I  had budgeted with which to scratch my head in amazement!  I have also made my own tyre changing station which cost just a few £ and which is far, far simpler than using the 14" rim with  threaded bar as on your website. When I have time, I'll take a few pics to show you just how simple (bit like me) it is!   Once again Dave, thanks  for making such a great product at such a reasonable price!  By the way, the tyre in question was a 17/55/190 sports bike tyre...and the beads on  those tend tobe pretty tough to allow for their speed rating. Speak soon, best regards     Keith  from  the UK


I just wanted to send you a belated thank you.  The tool arrived just a couple days after the order.  It was of much higher quality than I was expecting.  Beautiful work. This past Saturday, I finally put it to the test.  As you would expect, the tool worked as advertised using the tips and hints you suggested.  The small wood blocks were  indispensable.  I would think that using a tire iron would be a lot easier with that tip alone.Previously, my knees and feet accomplished that task.  Duh!  With the blocks in place, the  bead came right over the rim with very little effort right a the neck of the demount tip. The tool made  the process a dream.  My wrists and palms used to hurt from all the shoving needed with irons even with leather gloves on.  Not now.  No gloves necessary.  Also, the nice sized gap that remains just  before pulling the mount side of the tool out  is enough to easily drop in the Dynabeads.  I'm sure this  is typical feedback for you, but I wanted to send along my  appreciation.  Thanks again.  Have a good  day,              Tony