Tools of the trade

I use the 1/4 oz sticky weights pictured below to balance my tires and you can get these weights at any tire shop. If you are picky about how the weight are going to look on your rims, paint them with some testers model paint and small brush. The cheap motion pro tire iron in the picture below is either the 8.5" or 11" one and it's used for for two different purposes.
         1) When de-mounting the tire sometimes it's necessary to pry the tire away from the rim so the demount tip can be inserted easier.  Notice that I have slipped a 1/2" ID piece of transmission hose over the pry end to protect the rim.
         2) After inserting the demount tip, sometimes it will be necessary to lift the tire bead up to avoid putting to much pressure on the demount tip when flipping the tire tool over 90 degrees.

Notice the top of the motion pro tire iron has been modified by heating it up with a torch and bending the tip in a vise. I also hit it with a wire wheel and then painted it to keep it from rusting. With this modification you can easily slip the hook end in next to the demount tip and then lift the tire bead up. The last item is a simple spray bottle with the tire lubricant of your choice. Save your self some trouble and just buy a small tub of tire paste lube as well. I recently went to a local tire shop and picked up a small tub of generic tire paste lube. All I had to do was bring a small container with me and they gave me a pint of it for free. I'm gonna bet this is almost identical to the No-mar paste and is what I'll be using from now on. This stuff is so slippery I was able to mount a Dark side Run Flat tire on my Gold Wing rim using it. FYI, Run flat tires have 3/4" solid rubber STIFF side walls and I don't think I could have mounted the Run Flat tire without using the paste. It also washes off with just water and will NOT corrode or damage your rims. Did I say this stuff is really really slippery? Murphy's oil soap works quite well as well and can be found at most any hardware or grocery store.