No-Mar Disclaimer & Authorization

The "No-Scuff Tire Tool Company" and David Anderson are authorized re-sellers of the No-Mar Brand Patented Demount tip design and it's use on their unique tool. All authorized parts are manufactured by No-Mar Enterprises for the "No-Scuff Tire Tool Company" and David Anderson.

 No-Mar Enterprises LLC, does not warranty or make any claims regarding the prescribed use or life expectancy of such authorized patented parts and is not liable for any damage or injury due to their use or misuse.

 No-Mar Enterprises LLC recommends wearing safety gear and using "Common sense" in all matters regarding "Tool Usage and Wear" in general, and are not liable for any "Claims" made by the users of such tools.

 All liability for No-Scuff Brand" tools use, lies within the "Limitations of Liability" of the "No-Scuff Tire Tool Company" and David Anderson-Proprietor.

                    S. Nemish- Managing Member, No-Mar Enterprises LLC.