Tire balancer I fabricated

The bearings I used are from the wheels of roller blades and are very easy to find and they are cheap (cheap is good) and work really well! Anyone with basic welding skills can makes this balancer or one like it fairly easy. I popped the bearing covers off and cleaned the grease out of them and replaced it with synthetic motor oil. This simple task made  the bearings roll smoothly with minimal friction and this is what you want. I used bolts to hold the bearings to the angle iron. Just get a local machine shop to make cones for you for about $30. You can drill and tap the screw holes in them. Have the machine shop drill the 1/2" hole in the cones and then you can pick up a 1/2" drill rod at Lowe's and you're pretty much set. There is a detailed "how to" document link on my home page you can access and use to build your own tire balancer. This type of tire balancing done correctly will keep your bike smooth into the triple digits so I'm told  :-)